Microsoft Edge Version 106 is Now Available

Posted on October 4, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Cloud, Microsoft Edge, Web browsers with 4 Comments

Microsoft Edge version 106 is now available on the Stable channel. If Microsoft Edge 105 brought WebAssembly support for Edge’s Enhanced security mode last month, the changes introduced in version 106 are pretty minor.

There’s a new policy IT Pros can enable to increase the maximum number of work results that appear in the address bar from 2 to 4. Microsoft Search results in Bing only appear when users are signed into Edge with the Azure AD account provided by their organization.

There are also new policies for enabling Edge’s Efficiency mode all the time or only when a device is connected to a power source. Microsoft Edge 106 also introduces another policy for always using the OS capture engine instead of the browser capture engine to avoid issues with capturing Internet Explorer mode tabs.

With this update, Microsoft has also deprecated the policy that loaded the rewritten Microsoft Defender SmartScreen library that made its debut in Edge version 103. This new SmartScreen library better protects Edge users from suspicious online content, and it’s now enabled by default.

That’s it for Microsoft Edge version 106, which is now rolling out on Windows, macOS, and Linux. If you don’t get the update automatically, you can check for updates manually by opening the edge://settings/help page.

Microsoft Edge 106 follows the release of Google Chrome 106 last week. This update introduced experimental flags for translating highlighted text on a web page, and Google has also started testing a built-in RSS reader in its Chrome browser.

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