Opera Launches New Opera One Browser in Early Access

Opera launched today an early access version of its new Opera One web browser, which is set to replace the company’s desktop browser on Windows, macOS, and Linux later this year. Opera One introduces a new “modular design” philosophy, and the company also promises “liquid navigation” thanks to a new architecture.

“The liquid navigation and Modular Design are made possible by our new Multithreaded Compositor, which Opera is the first among the major Chromium-based browsers to introduce,” the company explained. “The compositor thread delivers a faster and smoother user interface layer, which enables high performance graphics operations without interruption from other processes. Together with Modular Design, this new architecture allows us to implement exciting new features that differentiate ours from other Chromium-based browsers – among them, Tab Islands.”

Tab Islands is a new feature that intelligently groups tabs together, and it’s the first illustration of Opera One’s new modular design. If you search for a restaurant and open different tabs to check various locations, Opera One will be able to automatically group these tabs in their own tab island. The feature will also be able to understand how you work and group together different Google Docs or other tabs you need for work in another tab island.

Each tab island in Opera One is easily recognizable with custom colors and visible island borders. Users can also create custom tab islands and add any tab to an existing tab island using a simple drag-and-drop gesture. “As you browse and more tab islands are created, you can easily distinguish the topics you were focusing on and switch between them,” the company emphasized.

Opera One is available to download today, and the company plans to iterate fast on it and make the UI even more intuitive. New generative AI features are also coming to Opera One after the regular version of Opera added new AI prompts and sidebar access to ChatGPT last month.

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