Microsoft Teams Adds 3D Fluent Emojis in Preview

Posted on February 15, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Microsoft 365 with 4 Comments

The new 3D Fluent emojis that Microsoft has been teasing since last year are now available in preview in Microsoft Teams. Overall, Microsoft gave a fresh coat of paint to over 1800 emojis which will be visible in chat, channel messages, message reactions, and live meeting reactions.

“The new emojis bring a modern and delightful new version of the emojis we use every day. Whether for work, school, or life, the new emojis will bring the power of fun and play into every message or reaction,” Microsoft explained today.

These new 3D Fluent emojis in Microsoft Teams are available in preview on desktop, web, and mobile. If you want to see the new emojis for yourself, keep in mind that access to the Microsoft Teams public preview is currently controlled by an admin policy. You can get more information about how to enable the Microsoft Teams public preview on this page.

If Microsoft Teams will be the first Microsoft 365 app to feature these new 3D Fluent emojis, Windows 11 is also set to receive them at some point. Nando Costa, Design Leader at Microsoft confirmed on Twitter last month that the company is “working on that.”

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Teams Adds 3D Fluent Emojis in Preview”

  1. anoldamigauser

    Another feature driving productivity in the workplace...

  2. behindmyscreen

    Can they not be animated? That would be great.

    • bluvg

      That's easily the best thing about their current ones in terms of clarity of meaning compared to emoji in other platforms. They stop animating after a few cycles, and I think you can turn it off as well.

  3. bluvg

    Noooooo!! It looks like they are copying the stupid, ambiguous emoji everyone else uses, touting it as an upgrade because of "3D." Ugh! The ones they have now are by far the best of the lot (vs. Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE (ugh!!), etc.), partly because they are animated, and partly because they focus front and center on actual, useful-to-share expression instead of unclear (and unlabeled and non-animated), tiny, expression-ed faces and things like the various phases of the moon.

    If they are animated, that will soften the blow, otherwise this is a huge step backwards. Clear expressions save time from having to wordsmith everything to make sure it isn't misunderstood.