Microsoft’s Remix3D has Been Flagged as an Advertisement, Blocked by Plug-ins

Posted on August 19, 2018 by Brad Sams in Microsoft Consumer Services with 12 Comments

Back in April of 2017, when Microsoft released the Creators update for Windows 10, they made a huge deal about the new 3D features that shipped with that release. As part of that update, the company launched, a website that allows you to share content that you created using 3D Paint.

Since at least Thursday evening, the website has been broken and does not allow you to share, login, or download content. The site simply says “Something went wrong. Try again later”.

Websites break, this is a common thing on the Internet. If the site went down for a couple hours and was fixed, this wouldn’t be worth reporting but this site has been down for days with no signs of any updates or attempts to fix the service.

My guess here is that the website is rarely used and that no one at Microsoft noticed the site is broken. This also shows that they aren’t monitoring any metrics to monitor the health of the site as 0 download and 0 uploads would surely be a flag that would cause someone, anyone, to take a look at the site.

Microsoft made a huge deal about 3D Paint and all the 3D assets that shipped with the Creators update and the company likely hoped that Remix3D would be a future cornerstone of their 3D world as they try to build out the ecosystem for its Mixed Reality platform.

But, with the site not being actively monitored, it’s likely safe to say that the Remix3D has come up short on success.

[Update] It looks like the site may have been added to a universal block, meaning it has been marked as an advertisement. If you use built-in ad blocker with Opera, the site does not work. If you disable it, appears to be working again.

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