Microsoft Updates OneDrive on Windows Phone and Android

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in OneDrive with 0 Comments

Microsoft Updates OneDrive on Windows Phone and Android

Not a lot of meat here, but Microsoft has announced updates to the OneDrive app on Windows Phone and Android. And each adds exactly one interesting new feature. On Windows Phone, that’s Cortana integration.

Windows Phone. The Windows Phone version of OneDrive now integrates with Cortana, the personal digital assistant. This means you can start a Cortana search (by saying “Hey, Cortana,” if you enabled that, or by manually starting Cortana by tapping the hardware Search button) of OneDrive by saying “OneDrive search for … “. So you can say something like “OneDrive search for Puerto Rico photos” and it will search your OneDrive storage for results that match. Microsoft says it also works with a specific word or phrase that is in an Office document or PDF.


Android. The Android app update is really about Android Wear watches: as with Apple Watch on iOS, you can now enable the OneDrive watch face on your Android Wear watch, so that each time you activate the watch, you’ll see one of your photos from the last 30 days. (This means the available photo selection will change monthly, Microsoft says.)


I don’t see either update on my devices today, so they will presumably arrive sometime today.

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