Microsoft Office Apps Are Getting a Dark Mode on iOS

Posted on October 8, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in iOS, Mobile, Office 365 with 3 Comments

It’s a good time to be a dark mode fan: Instagram just launched a built-in dark mode on both Android and iOS, and Microsoft is now joining the party with support for dark mode on its flagship Office apps.

The company announced last evening it’s introducing a new dark mode for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on iOS 13. Office apps have had a dark mode on other platforms for a little while now, and so the addition of iOS support will be a welcome upgrade.

Microsoft says the new dark mode is available to Insiders for now, though it will be rolling out to everyone else with version 2.30 next week. “Office gets easier to look at with support for iOS 13’s Dark Mode. Improved accessibility and an updated UI help keep you productive anywhere,” the company said.

You can join the Office Insider program for iOS here to try out the new dark more straight away.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Microsoft Office Apps Are Getting a Dark Mode on iOS”

  1. sgbassett

    I noticed last night on both my iPhone X and my iPad Pro that Outlook was in dark mode. I don't recall setting it that way, but I like the way it looks. Outlook is the app I spend the most time in on my iOS (and now iPadOS) devices, possibly rivaled by Feedly, which also has a dark mode.

    So now that Microsoft has jumped on the dark mode bandwagon, why isn't Google offering a dark mode for Chrome on iOS? That would round out my top three apps in terms of usage. I've read it is coming soon.

  2. Michael Rivers

    The whole dark mode thing is crazy. When I was a kid using Commodore 64s and Apple IIs, we typed with light characters on a dark background. Then the Mac came out with dark characters on a blindingly bright white background, and it sucked. Windows followed suit, and everyone did it that way for decades. Finally someone realized that the other way around is easier on the eyes, and the dark mode craze is happening.

    Maybe in the distant future, we'll be able to change the background color to something other than black like we did on the C64 (poke 53281).

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