Snapchat Introduces Group Video Calls, Mentions

Posted on April 3, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 1 Comment

Snapchat continues its fight against Instagram with rapid updates to its app. Snapchat’s parent company Snap is today introducing two big new features for the app which will give it a slight edge over Instagram.

The first feature is the ability to make group video calls. With Snapchat’s latest update, you can now call up to 16 people within a Snapchat group and video chat with them. These video calls allow you to apply all the fun Snapchat filters, and you can even choose to start video calls with only some people in the group. This isn’t just video calls, so some people in the call can choose to disable their camera and just speak through audio.

Snapchat is also borrowing a feature from Instagram Stories with today’s update. The app now lets you mention other Snapchat users within your snaps, which will have users discover new mutual friends through snaps. Just like Instagram Stories, when you mention someone on your snap, they will get notified through a simple notification in chat. Instagram Stories has allowed users to mention other users within Stories, so this feature is practically the same.

Snapchat’s group video call feature will likely be a huge hit amongst its primary user group: teenagers. Most teens now use a popular video calling app called Houseparty for group video calls, but being able to make video calls with your friends without needing to leave Snapchat will be a huge convenience for many. The feature starts rolling out this week, so you may not have it right away.

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