Twitter Talks Up Its Move to PWA

Posted on May 2, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Social, Dev, Windows 10 with 10 Comments

Twitter Talks Up Its Move to PWA

In a brief post noting the release of Twitter for Windows 10, the social network explained its use of PWA technologies and how it will be adding more native Windows 10 features to the app.

“This release represents a renewed commitment to Windows that has been long overdue,” Twitter’s Charlie Croom explains, “and is part of a longer-term strategy to reach greater feature parity to all of our platforms.”

As he notes, the new Twitter app for Windows 10, which is available in the Microsoft Store, is a Progressive Web App (PWA), and it has been optimized for Windows 10 version 1803. It provides access to modern Twitter features like:

  • Streamlined in-app experience with a more consistent look and feel
  • Extended 280 character limit
  • Explore tab so you can find topics relevant to your interests
  • Tweets bookmarking so you can read them later
  • Improved accessibility for screen readers

But the best thing about PWAs from a Windows 10 perspective is that they don’t have to be least common denominator experiences. Twitter today already supports native Windows 10 features like Share integration, live tile pinning, and jump links. And Croom says that more integration features are coming soon too.

“We want to continue providing our Microsoft users with the latest and greatest, and will be adding additional features like night mode, in the coming weeks and months,” he notes.


You can download Twitter for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. If you’re using Twitter on older Windows versions, you can continue using the Twitter website. Or, access the Twitter PWA on the web.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Twitter Talks Up Its Move to PWA”

  1. woelfel

    It's happening.

  2. Martin Pelletier

    I like the app. But has problem updating the feed on my end. I have to switch page to see new tweets

  3. Lauren Glenn

    Someone has to tell me when something is an app or when it's a PWA because I honestly can't see the difference or have no idea what that difference is. I guess the only thing is that there's an app on it that goes to the web.... so it's basically just like going to a web page, but if it's going to do that, why do I need an app in the first place? Why not just go to the web site?

    • NoFlames

      In reply to alissa914: I think that is the point, the website should give you a good mobile experience like a dedicated app so it can be the same experience on all platforms.

    • DeenVR

      In reply to alissa914:

      There is no point to PWAs in the failed windows 10 store. It's just a web wrapper - a fake app - and not going to suddenly create the illusion that the 10 store is thriving.

      Users will continue to avoid the 10 store like the plague, since it's trying to be a me-too store for all the wrong reasons, and no real innovation has taken place in the way of MS creating must-have apps that actually improve life for desktop users.

      More importantly, ISVs have made clear that they aren't interested in giving Microsoft a 30% cut of their software just because.

  4. davidD

    Didn't know Romesh Ranganathan was a spokesperson for Twitter.

  5. mrdrwest

    How about talking up that battery usage? It is a Google technology driving this thing.

  6. Rycott

    Wish they would make Tweet Deck a PWA. That would get me more excited.

  7. Marius Muntean

    Useless on a desktop OS.

  8. peterh_oz

    Is it US only? When I go to the store here in Australia I only see the UWP app, requiring Windows 15063 or greater. And yes I'm running 1803 general release 17134.1.