Twitter Starts Testing New Web Experience

Posted on September 6, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 3 Comments

Twitter has started testing a brand new design for The company today rolled out a new update to Twitter for web to a small number of users.

The new experience includes a ton of new features, including Twitter Bookmarks, Explore, and more. The updated user experience also introduces a brand-new user interface throughout the entire app. Additionally, it brings features like a data saver for people with limited data plans and seems to run a lot faster than the traditional

Here’s the surprising part, though: none of this is actually new. Twitter has been quietly working on its new web experience with its mobile Progressive Web App (, and the firm is essentially pushing the same experience to its full desktop web experience with the latest update. It’s definitely a major move from the social network giant.

If you happen to have the new experience, you can always go back to what Twitter is calling the “legacy Twitter” experience. I have used the app in the past, and it’s fantastic on all fronts. It’d be interesting to see how long Twitter takes to bring the new experience to all of its users, though.

Thanks for the heads-up, Jim C.!

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Twitter Starts Testing New Web Experience”

  1. Brandonlpierce

    That "high-fived a dinosaur" tweet is frickin' great.

  2. bleeman

    While the app has made some nice changes, I still want my chronological timeline and an experience that fills my entire 34" monitor with just my timeline when I want it. It's one of the reasons I'm still sticking with Tweetium until it will no longer work. I dislike the Tweetdeck like experience with multiple columns that can't be expanded. I don't particularly need 4,5,6 or more columns of different things at the same time. I prefer switching to other screen filling columns as needed so that I can see more of what I'm currently interested in at a glance. Not snippets of multiple items.