Small Bytes: Progressive Web Apps (Premium)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are cross-platform, installable web apps that combine the best of the…


This is What Microsoft Said About PWAs at Build 2020 (Premium)

Microsoft lost some PWA momentum during its year-long shift to Chromium for the new Edge.…

Google Quietly Starts Replacing Android Apps in Chrome OS with PWAs

It looks like Google has slowly started replacing certain Android apps with Progressive Web Apps…

Microsoft's Bold Plan to Bring PWAs to Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is Getting New PWA Features on Windows 10

The new version of Microsoft Edge will more seamlessly integrate with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)… is a PWA Now, Too

It’s not just Outlook on the Web:, Microsoft’s consumer email service, is now a…

Outlook on the Web is Becoming a PWA

It’s finally happening: Microsoft’s web-based email app for commercial Office 365 customers is becoming a…

Google Chrome Now Lets You Install PWAs As Regular Apps on Windows 10

You can now install progressive web apps as regular apps in Windows 10 with Chrome.

Twitter Starts Testing New Web Experience

Twitter starts testing a brand new experience for

Uber Brings Its PWA to Windows 10 Devices

Uber once again has an official app for Windows 10. This time, it's a PWA.

Twitter Officially Launches New Windows 10 App

Following the public release of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, Twitter is officially launching…

Microsoft Starts Testing New Teams App for Windows 10

Microsoft internally started testing a new Teams app for Windows 10 devices based on the…

Microsoft Confirms PWA Plans for Windows 10 RS4

Progressive Web Apps in Windows 10 are almost here, and Microsoft is confirming its plans…

Twitter Lite Now Adapts to Larger Screens

Twitter Lite is getting updated to adapt to larger screens, making it a viable Twitter…

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