TweetDeck May Soon Become a Paid Twitter Blue Feature

Posted on March 22, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Social with 3 Comments

TweetDeck, a popular web-based Twitter client for power users may soon become locked behind a Twitter Blue subscription. Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher known for uncovering upcoming features in popular social media apps recently spotted several signs pointing out at Twitter getting ready to make Tweetdeck a Twitter Blue perk.

Last week, Manchun first found lines of codes suggesting that access to the TweetDeck web app could soon require a Twitter Blue subscription. Yesterday, the reverse engineer followed up with a screenshot of a new page listing TweetDeck as a Twitter Blue feature.

If Twitter had pretty much neglected TweetDeck for many years after acquiring the app back in 2011, the company now seems serious about improving the web dashboard. A new preview version of TweetDeck has been available for testing since July, and making TweetDeck part of Twitter Blue may give the company even more resources to invest in it.

Twitter Blue currently provides a couple of exclusive features to subscribers including Bookmark Folders, Reader Mode, and the ability to ‘Undo’ a tweet. For now, though, Twitter Blue is only available in select markets including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Twitter has yet to announce an expansion to other markets.

TweetDeck has long been one of the best free Twitter clients on the markets, and it’s also what powers Tweeten, a popular Twitter client built by Mehedi Hassan. It remains to be seen how Twitter users could react to TweetDeck becoming a paid feature, though there are still many other third-party Twitter clients on the markets.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “TweetDeck May Soon Become a Paid Twitter Blue Feature”

  1. krusador

    Welp, this would suck. Tweetdeck works perfectly fine for me now just the way it is. Engineers! Always have to change things!

    • Jogy

      I agree that making TweetDeck cost money will suck. But I don't think it is the engineers fault. More likely managements looking for ways to monetize the platform.

  2. ronv42

    Boy am I glad I left Twitter, not only are their speech policies not applied equally, they are making it unbearable to be member with the choices in their apps and web presentment.