Twitter’s ‘Circle’ Test Lets Users Choose Who Can See Their Tweets

Posted on May 4, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Social with 1 Comment

Twitter has started testing a new “Circle” feature that will let users decide who can see their tweets. The feature is currently only available for select users who can choose to share their tweets with up to 150 people.

Twitter Circle is reminiscent of the similarly named feature on Google+, the defunct social network from Google that used to put a big emphasis on private sharing. Twitter users can already protect their tweets and make them only visible to their followers, but this new Circle feature should provide an in-between solution.

According to The Verge, Twitter users who have access to the new feature can only create a single Circle for now. It’s also possible to add non-followers to a circle and remove members from it anytime, and Twitter users who get removed from a circle won’t be notified about it. Notably, tweets that are being posted to a circle can’t be retweeted by its members for everyone to see.

It’s interesting to see Twitter experimenting with private sharing, even though it’s probably not something that a lot of users have been requesting. Twitter is also working on an Edit feature, and this much-anticipated capability should soon start to be tested as a “Labs” feature for Twitter Blue subscribers.

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One response to “Twitter’s ‘Circle’ Test Lets Users Choose Who Can See Their Tweets”

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    It's Google+!!!