The WPF Files: A Few Successes (Premium)


The other day, I complained about how WPF (and UWP) make it difficult to do things that were easy in Windows Forms. But it’s not all bad. In fact, there are several niceties in both of these more modern frameworks that I really appreciate. I just wish Microsoft hadn’t dropped so much of what was good about WinForms.

So today, I’ll focus on the positive. This includes some of the improvements in WPF as well as some of my own mini-successes in porting .NETpad to this confusing (to me) environment. I’m glad I started with WinForms, and with Visual Basic, too, since that collective environment was at least familiar to me, and that collectively helped me get up and running more quickly than would have been the case had I started off with C#, which is a more powerful but complex language, and with WPF or UWP, which have their advantages but are likewise confusing. Again, to me.

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