The WPF Files


The WPF Files: Mission Accomplished (Premium)

The WPF version of .NETpad is now complete, in the sense that it duplicates the…


The WPF Files: The Final Piece of the Puzzle (Premium)

To complete my quick-and-dirty port of .NETpad to WPF and .NET Core, I had to…


The WPF Files: The End is Near (Premium)

I’m delighted---and more than a bit surprised---to discover that I’m almost done porting .NETpad to…


The WPF Files: A Few Successes (Premium)

The other day, I complained about how WPF (and UWP) make it difficult to do…


The WPF Files: Fun with Fonts (Premium)

I’ve learned a lot in porting .NETpad, if partly, to the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)…


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