iCloud sucks


I’m selling some things on Ebay, took pictures with my iPad mini, organizing photo sucks.

When I upload the photos to the Ebay listing, I want to easily find it. And not spend 5 minutes looking for a picture.

Just trying to organize them sucks.

I though that maybe iCloud app for windows would be better at organizing them, being that it’s just a file explorer. But that wouldn’t even sync.

I mean right clicking on the site on a photo, does nothing.

Long press in the app, it does nothing.

Then I remembered I have it set to also send a copy to One Drive.

How does a company that makes billions of dollars, can’t even fix iCould website and make a better app?

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  1. lvthunder

    It's a matter of priorities.

  2. tahj

    I always use google photo to organize all my photos and I am very satisfied with the application.

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  3. jedwards87

    Why not just use the iOS version of E-Bay to add photos. Why make it hard by using Windows.

  4. locust infested orchard inc

    Quote by LORDBAAL1, "iCloud sucks"

    Quite frankly, any device that is prefixed with the letter "i" sux mega.

    I can only feel for you as you have had to endure the torture of dealing with Apple's obtuse way of performing what should in effect be a simple task.

    May I suggest in future you archive the photo files to a single ZIP file, and transfer them to a Windows PC. From there you can conduct even the most arduous time-consuming tasks in a disciplined manner with the use of appropriate software, with often the opportunity to automate the task in hand.

    Such an application would be ACDsee that possesses digital asset management capabilities, speeding the process of managing photos. A breath of fresh air from all the faff, headache, and mutterings of profanity, on the iFad.

    I hope the eBay sales were a success.

    Perhaps you need to consider selling your inadequate iFad Mini on eBay too, with the intent of purchasing a not-yet-released 'Centaurus' Windows tablet.

  5. Chris_Kez

    I don't want to dissuade you from your opinion that iCloud sucks; I'm not a fan myself. If the issue is re-ordering them, then I'm totally stumped as to how you would do that with iCloud. If the primary issue is just easily finding them and getting them into eBay, here's how I would go about this:

    Take pics with iPad mini. Open Photos app on iPad mini; press Select, tap on photos of interest; press Add To > New Album > name "Pics for eBay". Go to computer, open iCloud in browser, click My Albums arrow then open Pics for eBay folder; use control+click to select all photos you want to keep, then press the download from cloud button on the top right (to the left of the delete button). The photos you need are now in your Downloads folder. I just tried this and the whole thing took about twenty seconds.

    p.s. Good luck with the sale!

    • lordbaal1

      In reply to Chris_Kez:

      Yeah downloading them will work with your way. But I am selling like 10 different things.

      So that would be a pain.

      When I shouldn't have to do that. iCloud for Windows should just work.

      It's easier for me to do it with one drive. I just open 2 file explorer windows, create my folders, and then just drag and drop.

  6. j_c

    In general most of what I do with iCloud works great. Photos is the one major exception and I avoid at all costs. After they killed their original Photos app and Aperture and focused on the cloud for everything I bailed and switched to Google Photos.

    I have always been surprised Microsoft doesn’t offer a better out-of-box Windows solution for managing and editing both photos and video.

    • rawkfox

      In reply to j_c:

      I'm not arguing against Google Photos being the better choice, but doesn't it (and Google) rely on the cloud for everything too...?

      I mean, it seems to me like if you want local files of all of your photos stored on your devices, you'd choose iCloud, whereas Google Photos encourages you to keep everything in the cloud instead of stored locally.

      • minke

        In reply to RawkFox:

        You can always download photos from your phone or camera, and you can also use Google Takeout to download them from Google Photos to local storage. This gives you a series of folders organized by date, which I actually find quite useful. Like most people, I first organized my digital photos by subject, but that took a lot of time since I take a lot of photos. More and more I was just storing photos by date for later organization, which never happened. Who has days of time every week to organize photos? That's where the search functionality comes in really handy in Google Photos. Plus, my brain is pretty good about remembering images by rough dates, so I find the timeline of photos quite useful. It's super neat to be able to access 15 years of my digital photos on my phone.

      • j_c

        In reply to RawkFox:

        I wrote that poorly, sorry. I like the cloud focus but not Apple's execution. I didn't convey that correctly. Apple killed Aperture and redid iPhoto around the same time they focused on iCloud. The problem for me is that keeping the installed part lead to many syncing issues. Google's execution of keeping everything in the cloud, while not perfect, didn't have these issues. I can use many different devices and most of the time things just work. That was never my experience with Apple when it came to Photos.

  7. jimchamplin

    What I really love are the file names. iOS09022018142323

    What about the original file name!? Ugh.

  8. lordbaal1

    That's why I also have it set up save a copy to one drive too. Then I can easily manage them. Go on my desktop, and just drag and drop them into the correct folders.

  9. noahoscar986

    Lil bit agree with you, I think they need to upgrade their app.