M1 Pro / M1 Max Deep Dive


Anandtech gives an in-depth look at Apple’s M1 Pro / M1 Max



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  1. bkkcanuck

    I am having to use all my will power not to order a laptop and wait for the Mac Mini (though I tend to use it only at my desk, a laptop does have it's own built in UPS :o)... The config I am looking for when I buy a computer (be it a Mac Mini or 14" laptop) is: 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD, M1Max 10/32 core GPU... so close to maxed, but not quite ($4,099 if laptop, probably around $3,000 for a Mac Mini in 6 months). I wonder how much I can get for the graphics card (Vega 64GB, 8GB RAM) :o

    • shameer_mulji

      All rumors are pointing to a Spring 2022 release for a higher-end Mac Mini and 27" iMac powered by M1 Pro / M1 Max.

      • bkkcanuck

        I ended up ordering the configuration I mentioned (64GB, 2TB SSD, M1 Max 32 Core GPU)... it is scheduled to be delivered in 5 days... so the clock will start ticking on making sure it is what I want... (2 weeks no questions asked return policy). [It must have just gone on sale here, with locally allocated stock]

  2. Greg Green

    A Mac mini maxed out is only $2300, and that’s with Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro ($500).

    I replaced my iMac i5-4570 with an M1 iMac and it is sooo much faster. Though my old one was an 8 year old machine, it’s still a wonderful jump.

    but I’m using US$. Your dollar may vary.

    • bkkcanuck

      A maxed out space-gray Mac Mini (which is what the new MacBook Pro based Mac Mini would be) costs $2899USD or $2999 with 10GB ethernet (which is why my space gray one is)... in THB or even CAD Pesos... it is much more than that. (64GB, 2TB, 10GB Ethernet). [and that is with IRIS graphics]... the keyboard, monitor, battery, laptop enclosure are not free.

      • jimchamplin

        Have a US friend buy it and open it and put it in a computer bag. They lose it at your house when they come to visit.

        Hours will seem like days, by the book.