Site updates for the week of 10/3/16


First of all, sorry for the messed up forums there for a bit.  Brad tripped over a cable and things got ugly.

With the launch of Thurrott Premium earlier this week, we got a ton of feedback from the community covering everything from bugs, missing features, and preferences on things as simple as font size.   I hope that with the release we pushed today that it’s clear that we are listening!

We will continue to update and improve the site and as we do so I’d like to take the time every week to keep you all updated on what’s been done and what’s in the works.   With that said, here’s what we’ve been up to. There was over 40 individual bugs/issues that were addressed.  This list is not comprehensive, but is close.

Bug Fixes

  • Premium comment sorting has been fixed
  • It was previously possible to create forum threads with no title.
  • A bug relating to Safari and Edge that broke some icons on the site has been fixed.
  • A bug that made the breadcrumbs in the forums display incorrectly in certain situation has been fixed.
  • Some people were seeing UTC time-stamps on blog post time-stamps.
  • A display bug in the blogroll when a post only had 1 comment has been fixed.
  • A bug in Safari where the navigation did not line up correctly has been fixed.
  • It was previously possible to see the soundcloud embed of The First Ring Daily.  This has been fixed (sorry guys, premium only feature)
  • Deleted comments were still being displayed in user’s activity feed on their user profile pages
  • Links to comments section on Podcast posts now bring you to the comments section of that page


  • There were about 15 individual aesthetic tweaks to font-size, line spacing, “section” spacing and other visual cues to help address the busyness of the new layout
  • We were using a blue background to denote site administrators and the author of a thread. We felt this was overwhelming in the real world and it has been removed.  Site administrators are now denoted with a blue checkbox over their profile image.
  • Users can now edit comments for up to 10 minutes after the comment is posted
  • We removed the blue premium banner on premium videos for premium users which was overlayed on top of the video controls.


In The Pipeline

  • We were hoping to make the editing of forum posts available this week but we failed to reach this deadline. That will be out next week. I do apologize for this not being live. It’s an obvious feature.
  • Podcast Syndication, specifically The First Ring Daily should be live next week.  This includes two seperate feeds: one that includes all of the shows for premium users and one that includes live (and free) Friday shows.
  • Thurrott Now, which has been talked about on the Podcast is nearing completion
  • Other super secret stuff you’ll know about in good time ?


I believe that pretty much covers everything.  As always, if you have issues please don’t hesitate to reach out here on the forums or reach out to us through our Contact Page.  That form goes directly into our FreshDesk account, and from there the ticket (if warranted) is tied to an issue in our GitHub repository in which case you will be alerted when we push out a fix.

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14 responses to “Site updates for the week of 10/3/16”

  1. 124

    Keep Brad away from the equipment until he learns how to walk.  I knew he look young but I had assumed he could walk.

  2. 1360

    Thanks for fixing things.  The problem with the right hand side on the iPhone is now fixed.

  3. 49

     "Brad tripped over a cable and things got ugly."



  4. 3043

    see my forum post blank title bug still exists.

  5. 538

    Cheers Tim! Thanks for the update.

  6. 2015

    Awesome work Tim, you're a wizard :)

  7. 1377

    The 3 buttons just above the current blog posts which set the layout in which blog posts are displayed: the setting isn't persistent. That is, if I choose the 2nd or 3rd from the left, click on any link then return to the front page, blog posts appear in the default layout. Layout selection should be persistent.

    Also, for blog and forum comments, click once on sort by DATE and it should be newest to oldest rather than oldest to newest. Better still, MAKE IT A PERSISTENT SETTING so I don't have to sort by date every time I look at a new blog article's or forum item's comments.

  8. Simard57

    Weirdness, this thread just popped into the Forums list as having a new post (#2 on my list) but the last post was 7 Months ago... Is there a ghost in the machine?