Site updates for the week of 11/07/16

Apologies for the delay on communicating this, I’ve been in NYC all week working our NYC teammates on making Better while the rest of the team is in Amsterdam.

Bug Fixes

  • There was a certain situation where the comment count on article pages was incorrect. This has been addressed
  • Last released introduced a new log in form.  Certain 3rd party browser extensions were interfering with the z-index calculation of that overlay form. In these cases the overlay was not usable.  This has been addressed (Since I can’t test all 3rd party extensions, if you see this issue please contact us and let us know which extensions you’re using).
  • A JS error was thrown in cases where no comments were loaded on the page. This has been addressed.
  • There were some formatting issues that have been fixed in Internet Explorer
  • A small handful of user’s (5 I believe) comments were being falsely identified as SPAM.  We have adjusted settings and it appears to have fixed this issue.
  • Some users reported issues in regards to their 3 free articles per month. This has been addressed.


  • You can now subscribe for $7 month (in addition to $64 a year).
  • Related to this, we have expanded the subscription management section of your “My Account” page.  We will continue to enhance this portion of the site
  • We have introduced a live chat for the live First Ring Daily shows on Friday.  You can access that chat by going to
  • We are tweaking the design of links across the site with the primary intention of making links in posts more visible
  • Various “under-the-hood” tweaks that, in theory, should improve site performance

In The Pipeline

  • Thurrott Now Micro Blog.  This has been “in the pipeline” for a while now, front-end designs are complete and we hope to have this out very soon.
  • Improved Account Management Screens
  • Improved checkout screens
  • User notifications for comments and replies


Lastly, and most importantly…


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