Feature Request – ignore user


One can only take so much of haters, it would be fantastic to be able to ignore a user and never have to see his posts ever again.

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  1. Chris_Kez

    Yes. Disqus had plenty of issues but this was one of the nice features they offered.

  2. dhr2018


    Did not want to create a new thread but this is my question as well.

    Is it planned to introduce such feature?

    No way I am advocating the ban or censoring of single-purpose hate and trolling accounts which regularly post a lot of BS (probably those who visit this site regularly can name a few of them), neither I am offended by their idiocy.

    But it would be useful to just add those nicks to the ignore list, the same way it is with, say, Mobile Nations.

    The "Standard comments" section of the articles contain a good amount of valuable content apart from the noise created by above-mentioned nicks.

  3. Paul Thurrott

    Oh I agree. :)

    Let me throw this by Tim and Brad.

  4. ChristopherCollins

    I am 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times behind this idea. I get tired of the threadcrapping too.

  5. Jackwagon

    Would such a feature also hide replies to the people on the list?

    e.g.: Bob is on your ignore list. Steve (who is not on your ignore list) posts a reply to Bob. Steve's reply to Bob would be hidden, despite Steve not being on your ignore list.

    This may be an option worth considering (ideally such that it can be toggled at the user's discretion).

  6. Daekar

    Please please please. I know a few folks who I would block almost immediately....

  7. skborders

    Yes, yes, yes

  8. MarkWibaux

    With the recent mentions of a possible refresh of the Thurrott site (once Petri update is done), can I vote to get this sort of feature pushed up the priority list for any new site functionality.

    Even something that let you auto-hide certain user's posts and that you would then have to make a conscious effort to expand them if they were in a conversation trail.

  9. thretosix

    So strange Multicore opened this thread and he's the one I want to block. He's the hater in a thread I've been following.