A couple of minor requests for the site


I’ve been meaning to post this for ages…thought it was all a bit petty as its really just the way I use the site….but can’t help thinking others must do the same as me.

Thurrott Now

Could you put a link in the main menu, which I suspect will mean you have to add a page. This is because I tend to read most of the content on my phone and I can never get to Thurrott Now, I vaguely think I managed once but can’t remember how.

First Ring Daily

This one is very much me pushing my luck ! I tend to watch First Ring Daily on my XBOX on the living room TV which is great…….however what is a pain is having to go to the home page to get the latest episode from the episode page, as of course once I have finished watching I just close edge and do something else…..next day its on the last episode so (using the media remote) I have to navigate back to the home page to navigate to the latest. Would it be possible to put a link on the episode page to the latest episode.

I hope this makes sense……

As I said these are my petty wants… Loving the whole ‘Thurrott Experiment’ as it’s evolving its getting better and better………well worth the subscription.

Keep up the good work



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