Why Thurrott.com is the Best Windows News Site


Over the years, I’ve visited numerous Windows news websites. Including Winbeta, Neowin, Windows Central, etc.

Here is why Thurrott.com is one of the best.


1. Years of experience of reporting from Paul, Brad and others.

2. No gleeful and bubbly defending of Microsoft’s actions. Only when warranted and rightly deserved.

3. Real world reviews of products. Not corporate backed or paid.

4. Great community of commenters and readers.

5. Always updated news/information.

6 In-depth, technical articles.

7. Overall, a trustworthy and reliable Windows website!

I must say, while other sites like Neowin and Windows Central are very good as well. I do visit this before other websites.

The clean design of the website is another factor! Easy to find articles, and not a convoluted mess of stories and ads, like some others are!

When did everyone here first discover this site, and Winsupersite back then?


Probably 10 years ago, around Windows 7

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19 responses to “Why Thurrott.com is the Best Windows News Site”

  1. Paul Thurrott

    First, thanks.

    Second ... Ah boy. I approached this one with a bit of worry for sure. :) But thank you.

  2. piras

    Not sure about number 3 though...Seems there is a lot of back patting towards Stardock lately...

    • polloloco51

      I feel that is fine with me, as a reader.

      Stardock is actually a great program.

      It would only cross a line, if someone was earning a commission for a subtle sales pitch! Or mentioning it in every videos or so.

  3. lecter

    Been checking out Paul's stuff since the Windows XP SuperSite days (so ~2001ish), I think this site for editorial commentary and Neowin for news add up to an excellent resource for all things Microsoft (and more!).

    I also like how in certain articles it can be seen that we have A LOT of common personal tastes, from working in banking, to Stephen King (and related audiobooks) & punk music :)

    Also, I miss What The Tech, Paul & Andrew were an excellent combo...

    • Chris_Kez

      Yeah, I’d like to know what happened to What the Tech. I was a Patreon backer from the beginning and was disappointed to see it just disappear.

      • Paul Thurrott

        For all of us. I love Andrew but I was rarely paid for the show and when he kept delaying its return this past year I decided to stop wasting my time. He literally hasn't contacted me about the show since March.

  4. Tiny

    I'm not trying to say I'm old, but when I first followed Paul, neither of us had grey hair.

  5. bats

    LOL....where do I begin with this one (lol). Paul Thurrott can get a lot of things wrong.....and I mean a lot. That's due to his relative inexperience with a lot of real-world situations where technology is often applied. While others go to a locked down computer, that has been setup by an IT Department, for most of the day, Thurrott's situation is different. However, the one thing about Thurrott and this website is that he *can* be fair, if he applies himself to it. In all honesty, I found his articles to be an absolute mess, where he was practically wrong all the time and I had no problem calling him out on it. Whether his faulty analysis was about Windows Phone, Windows 8 (Sinofsky), Chromebooks, Google, iPad, Augmented Reality, HP Elite X2, Windows Stream, ..... omg, I can do this forever (lol)......, the one thing I know about Paul Thurrott, is that he is fair. Especially nowadays. I feel that the content of this site is better, from an in-depth analysis point of view, then it was a few years ago, but then again...things might change (lol). Overall, I think it's better, and for me, much more readable and tolerable than it was before. This is why I give a damn about this site more than any other windows site on the internet (i.e. Windows Central). Historically, I know of Paul Thurrott, since Episode One of Windows Weekly.

    • jimchamplin

      He's a big Van Halen fan, so that cancels out everything you just made up.

      Miss you Eddie.

    • sentinel6671

      I’m sorry, but this is such a miserably backhanded compliment. What is so wrong in your life that such negativity is poured out here.

      I just don’t understand the need to be negative about everything.

      I could give a hoot about “wrong” vs “right”. In enjoy the writing and opinions on this site.

  6. j5

    I came across Paul's articles during the Win XP days. Thought his writing was different, more critical and honest then the typical "WOW Microsoft has this new great feature" type articles and more detail oriented, depth into features etc. WindowsSupersite was awesome!

  7. adlton

    You spelled allaboutmicrosoftDOTcom wrong :)

  8. navarac

    Back at the start of Windows 2000. I like Paul's dry humour and the fact that he doesn't "bend the knee" to Microsoft. In other words, he tells it as it is.

  9. lwetzel

    I can remember why I stayed. It was the best information on Microsoft-related news. It had far fewer people commenting on how bad windows was and praising Linux and apple.

  10. lwetzel

    I can't remember when I found Supersite but glad I followed him here. Best move I could have made.

  11. jimchamplin

    I first found the Supersite for Windows NT 5.0 waaaaaay back when. Been here ever since.

  12. christianwilson

    I first discovered this site when it launched. I was following the winsupersite for... ever? I guess?