Podcast app used by Paul


Last year, you wrote an article that you were switching from Pocket Casts and went to Castbox. Are you still using Castbox for your podcast listening?

I wish Google Podcasts web app would support offline on PC but its only offline on iOS (No iPad optimized app) and Android phones but we know Google will never create an app for Windows.

iTunes is fine on Windows for syncing podcasts between iOS and Mac but no Android.

Pocket Casts is great for syncing Android and iOS but the desktop apps for PC and Mac are just web wrappers with no offline support and locked behind a subscription.

I am leaning towards just using Google Podcasts on iOS, Android and PC web app and if for some reason I need offline support on PC, I will just use iTunes.

I can’t find the perfect app that does it all. ?‍♀️

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