RSS Access to Podcast


I believe this is coming at some point. Will the information be posted here when it is avaialble?

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    Yes, I will make sure it is well known...we are working on it at this minute; should have it done soon.


    We figured out how to make it work with services like iTunes etc with authentication = shouldnt bee too much longer.

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    Agree that this will be great to have - I just hope the authentication factor won't stop it from working with whatever podcast app I am using :)

    I really want to watch these First Ring podcasts, but I rarely have time to watch video podcasts (or just don't want the visuals) and always listen to the audio stream... so hopefully that will be available at some point.

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    I see a feed under today's episode, and I can even get the XML to appear in a browser (Chrome, for whatever reason while Edge prompted for me credentials, it wouldn't load the XML), but I can't add it to Pocket Casts which is my Podcatcher of choice. Is it up and running completely? I know Pocket Casts doesn't officially support password protected feeds, so I may just need a different solution for this.