I am starting to get into the gaming thing I have been playing Stadia which is ok but is limited on games I have signed up for Microsoft Game pass and have been playing some of those games on PC. I see that Gforcenow is a cloud based gaming platform like stadia I am wondering if anyone has tried it yet and could recommend it.

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  1. Scott Ross

    Geforce Now helped breathe life in some games on my older laptop. I was happy with it for the NetherRealm Fighting Games. Injustice 2 and MK X. Fortnite had really bad lag but I wonder if that was Epic's network or a wifi issue. My only complaint is not all games are available. I purchased a racing game, it was too advanced for the old laptop so I thought Geforce Now would save the day, no it was not available for the service even though it was in my steam account.

    We're still in the early times of game streaming. I want to see how it does in the next six months especially when some decent competition from Xcloud happens.

  2. SRLRacing

    It is ok in a pinch or for that must play game you cannot run locally but I have had better experience with XCloud.

  3. Vladimir Carli

    I am using it as I got three months of free subscription. It works well, provided that you have a good internet connection. It's much better than stadia because it allows to play many games that you already own on steam, ubisoft, epic store etc. For those games, cross-play is enabled as well, which is great. Not all games are supported so it's a matter of luck if the games you like work or not. I mostly play 5 games and 3 of them are supported, so I am pretty happy with it

  4. jimchamplin

    I like GeForce NOW, but won't be paying for it since none of the games I play are on it now. They all got pulled.

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