Valve Announces New Half-Life Game…..for VR


According to Valve’s official Twitter account. Valve has announced a new Half-Life game, called “Half-Life Alyx”.

It is apparently, going to only be for VR.

If true to the end, this will severely limit the reach to the Half-Life fan base, and new players. Especially as, not everyone has virtual reality.

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  1. jimchamplin

    It's April first somewhere...

  2. polloloco51

    Update 11-22-2019

    Valve has officially unveiled Half-Life Alyx, on Thursday. It will (unfortunately), only be for VR. It is unclear, if Valve is trying to spearhead VR as a new platform, or is pushing for their new hardware. Either way, this will limit the reach to Half-Life's fan base and new players. Especially, given the high price of VR, and the need for powerful hardware, to run VR.

  3. Vladimir Carli

    It's going to be VR only, they already confirmed that. Obviously they want to push the Index, their new vr headset. I have the feeling that the VR community is larger than you think. Moreover it's made by people with purchasing power and virtually everyone who owns a headset will buy this on day 1. They actually give it for free to who buys a Valve index

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