Why you don’t need a PS5 or Xbox Series X


With PlayStation 5s and Xbox Series Xs being extremely scarce right now.

Great alternatives still exist!

1. PlayStation 4, graphics still look great, games are still being made for it ( cross platform), easy to find and much more affordable! You can actually find a refurbished console, for under $200. Which makes this a bargain.

2. Xbox Series S, slightly less powerful, excellent graphics, cheaper, same game library, and easier to find.

3. Nintendo Switch. Much easier to get, huge library of game, cheaper. An all around excellent console!

While everyone is going one way. Why not go the opposite direction for gaming console Christmas presents this year?

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  1. StevenLayton

    ....but I still want one!

  2. navarac

    Good thinking, although that reads suspiciously like a marketing message "Polloloco51" :-)

    Written by someone who has avoided spending anything today - Black Friday !!

  3. jimchamplin


    You probably already have one that will run the games, they're farking everywhere and easy to find if you don't, and KBM for superior control in FPS, better support for alternate controls like sticks and HOTAS systems, and! The best part?

    Way cooler.

    Okay the last part is pure opinion. 😁

    But seriously, looking at systems right now, I think the Switch is the strongest for me, as it's more like what is want as far as the library.

    I've always - and probably always will be - left cold by mobile gaming on phones. I'm not sure, but maybe it's the touch interface. Just doesn't do it for me. But the games on the Switch for the most part are very Nintendo, so they're a lot easier to jump in and out of. I'm not committed to a 40-minute-long level just by turning it on. I like that!

    • sammyd710730

      The only problem with PC gaming right now is the current state of GPUs. They are just as difficult to find as the latest consoles, and while consoles are still sold from retailers at MSRP, GPUs are not. They're insanely priced.

      I agree with the OP, though. All 3 options are solid, it's hard to go wrong.

      • jimchamplin

        Well, the truth is that the integrated graphics in most high end CPUs is probably strong enough for most games that aren't cutting edge.

        That's where we are now. I wouldn't be surprised if AMD decided to start integrating higher end GPU tech to help offset the cost of dedicated cards. Intel could follow with higher end Xe graphics.

        Not saying it's a real thing, but a possibility.

  4. simont

    Why you don’t need a PS5 or Xbox Series X Yet. Developers are not taking full advantage of the hardware. That might change next year.

  5. madthinus

    Oh you want a Series X and PS5, just for the load times and silence.

  6. curtisspendlove

    You can’t get it for Christmas this year, but I’m very curious about the Steam Deck.

    Beibg able to play most of my Steam library on a portable is very compelling to me.

  7. arnstarr

    I'm enjoying my Apple TV 4K with PS4 controller and Apple Arcade subscription. Plenty to play if you're willing to miss out on the huge AAA titles.

  8. christianwilson

    Honestly, if you really want a PS5 or a Series X, having patience is the only option.

    None of these are bad alternatives, but there's some serious limitations depending on your wants/needs.

    In the case of PS4, it's a short term solution. It's still plenty capable and plays a ton of games today, but that story will change and when it does, it will happen quickly. $200 now could go toward something more future proof.

    Xbox Series S is a fine option, but not without its limitations. The Blu-Ray drive is more of a personal preference, but the 512 GB of storage is going to become a problem for people. You can expand it, but the expansion card will total your console to above Series X price and you still don't get 4K. I do think this is a great option for the more casual gamer when paired with Game Pass.

    The Switch is a fine option, depending on the kinds of games you want to play. Nintendo games are obvious, indie games have carved out a great place on the Switch, but larger third party titles, when available, require some serious technical compromises.

    Cloud gaming is an option, too, but it also comes with compromises (it doesn't work the same for everyone, game selection differs per service, bandwidth caps can be a problem).

  9. justme

    What a question. :) In my case its simple - I am a PC gamer. I do own a PS3, which I bought for Uncharted and a Blu-Ray player.

    I have to admit that I am intrigued by the Steam Deck. As @curtisspendlove mentions, you cant get it for Christmas though. For me, as someone with an extensive Steam library, I'll be interested to see how it performs.

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