AMD announces Ryzen officially today and…


It’s the most important CPU development for PCs in the last decade…and Paul & Brad have nothing to say about it? Here’s hoping that after the CPUs ship next week it will garner some attention here…Windows will be running best on an AMD CPU in a few days…;)

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  1. Wizzwith

    I know right? But remember Paul only cares about Windows on ARM now! :D

    This actually has me excited about a CPU for the first time in probably a decade, if these live up to expectations. Much needed rival to Intel who has really just languished for the last 10 years, hopefully this competition will get things moving faster in the desktop CPU space again.

  2. Nicholas Kathrein

    I pre ordered from a 1700x. I'm upgrading my haswell i3-4170. It's in a tiny mini itx case but I think it will be OK. Now I just have to find a mini itx board. I'm hoping for Asus. They make great motherboards.

  3. Simard57

    Desktop CPUs - meh!

    is there a mobile version?

  4. skane2600

    It sounds like it's more about price than performance - something that Intel can adjust to. Real significant performance gains kind of went out the window when chip makers focused on # of cores. Definitely a plan B strategy.

  5. Polycrastinator

    I suspect "most important CPU development..." is going to end up being Windows on ARM. But this is still good news. Presuming AMD's copy is correct (and that remains to be seen) this seems like a fantastic development, but at the same time remember they're winning by throwing more cores at the problem. Yes, their IPC matches Broadwell-E, but that architecture is 2 generations old now, and Skylake/Kaby Lake are still ahead on single threaded performance. For dual core laptops - which is where the money is - we simply don't know if AMD can be competitive yet. They have a shot: Zen cores combined with an AMD designed GPU component should be a great component. But it's far from a done deal. Not many people are buying 8 core desktop behemoths these days, in many ways the question on Zen may be can it adapt to laptops in the low end, and to the server market? We're going to need to wait for those answers.

  6. gamersglory

    Windows 10 devs have not updated windows yet to know how to work with a Ryzen CPU or it's chipsets. Also, the MOBOs are using early beta like BIOS/UEFI's. I'm guessing for the windows fixes I'm gonna have to stick with insider builds