Best Lightweight Gaming Laptop Available in 2016?



I want the best of both worlds like the size of the new Macbook, Dell XPS, Razor Blade Stealth or HP Spectre but with enough gaming performance I can at least play newer games like Civilization 6 with room to spare for the next two years. I don’t play many FPS (I’ll use the Xbone for that) so super top notch gaming performance is not necessary. I might want to keep it under $2,000, maybe even less than $1500. I like having two browswer sessions up at once to compare things so a high-res screen is another requirement.

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    "Lightweight" and "Gaming" are requirements that push very hard against each other. The best you'll usually get is a luggable laptop like this: which is likely to get miserable battery life. A better option may be to buy a laptop with Thunderbolt 2 connections and build an external GPU like what you get with some Razor systems. That will help with the cost, and then you won't need to lug around the extra weight all the time.

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    The lack of replies are because no such device exists. If you're willing to go a bit bigger, Dell's XPS 15 with discrete GPU, or even better the 14" Razer Blade are about as good as you're going to get in terms of thin and light. Which is to say, they're not outrageous, but they're no in the bracket of the laptops you list.

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      What about the New Razor Blade Stealth then I can hook up to the Core to get even more gaming speed - if I need it.... is the base GPU in this one strong enough? Love the size and price for an ultrabook isn't bad? Is it worth it to get the 4k screen over the QHD screen if PRIMARILY using the laptop display versus an external monitor?




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        The "Core" box has never seemed like a good proposition to me. At $500 - and remember, then you need to buy the GPU to put in it - it seems to me like you'd be better off just building a separate PC to leave at home, because you're not lugging that Core around after you. The Stealth is a great laptop in and of itself, but the GPU in it is still not great - if you're gaming you really have to add something to it - and at that point, what's the point? It's cool, but the price is just wrong. If the Core was $250 or $300 it would be a different question, but right now it's just too much.

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    I wonder if there is a better non-gaming PC with, light foot print but discrete graphics card, that gets 8-9 hours of battery life (NOT when playing games obviously)... Dell XPS 15" fit that bill?