Is Surface PREMIUM enough ??????

So what are my reasons for asking this question.

Well I am looking to upgrade from my current device a Surface pro 4. This device being nearly 2 years old I would like a new more modern device with newer specs.

I have had my issues with Surface over time, well not my Surface rt which still works and is used by my inlaws and my surface 2 which i use on holiday mainly at the beach. I went thru 5 Surface 3’s because of issues so upgraded to a pro 4, but am on my 4th pro 4 because of issues with them.

I do like the Surface brand and how they pushed the other companies to bring out and create wonderfull new decives. I like the form factor of the Surface with detachable keyboard. But with some of the devices now like the Yoga I’m really not sure what to go for.

And is Surafce actually PREMIUM enough. Other companies adding new better ports and wonderful new beatuful designs. Has Microsoft been afraid to innovate Surafce because of the issues they had. But they have kept the price as at a premium.

So would I be better off now with something from HP or Lenovo or someone else. Yes I was a die hard WP fan but changed a year ago to my awesome OnePlus 3t. Is it time to leave Microsoft hardware now, the only difference here is that I would always stick with a windows device.

Any thoughts from those who do use these other premium type devices would be of great help.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Tony Barrett

    16 October, 2017 - 2:51 am

    <p>I don't think Surface is a good investment right now. Sure, they're only rumours, but MS are very unpredictable and unreliable with their hardware. Quality has been inconsistent, and some firmware updates buggy. Surface is 'premium', but MS were well out of their depth when designing this range, at least initially, and it shows. Besides, with the barely noticeable improvements in Intel CPU's from the last couple of years, I can't see what 'upgrading' your SP4 is actually going to achieve. You probably wouldn't notice much difference in normal use between a 2015 CPU and a 2017 chip.</p><p>If you're actually asking if a device is 'premium enough', then maybe you have money to throw away, but there's better hardware out there from very established manufacturers with better QA/QC and support.</p>


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