PC rebuild


Is it cheaper to rebuild my PC, or buy a new one?
Looking to upgrade my 6 year old PC. Or buy a new one.

I don’t do video, photo, audio editing.

I have an MSI P41-C31 Intel G41 Socket 775 MB w/ duel core E5400 CPU
5400 RPM HDD
nvidia 9400 gt

Only games I want to play is GTA 5 and the new Forza, if Forza doesn’t fit my budget, but I want play GTA 5 at the minimum.
To play Forza would probably be over $700. So that’s probably out.

So I would need a descret GPU.
If I buy, I do not want and pripertary parts or connectors. If I need to fix or add something, I want to be able to use off the shelf parts.

What I need, AMD or Intel, doesn’t matter. I’m not brand loyal.
USB 3 ports.
At least 250GB SSD.
Intergrated audio is fine.

At this point I’m not worried about 4k, but in the future I may do a 4k. So at least the MB and CPU can support 4k. I can always switch out the GPU later on then.

With Windows 10. I’ll be using the insiders preview. Like I have been for the last year with no issues.
If I rebuild, I would be reusing the 600W power supply, keyboard and mouse, DVD drive, and(maybe) the case, or maybe pick up an inexpensive case.
The case I have is an Apevia X-Pleasure Black Aluminum AXT Mid-Tower Case. Which, I hate that stupid door the hinge broke. It’s hard to dust it all the way and keep it clean, the vents are a pain in the ass to clean.
I also want(I don’t know what it’s called), where if I need to change the SSD or add more storage. I can pull on a draw to slide out the drive. So I won’t have to open up the case. I can just press a button and open up the drive bay doors.

All for under $300.

When it comes to mother boards and video cards, I don’t know what to look for, besides just looking at the recommended specs for the CPU and GPU.
What’s the difference betweem a regular MB and a gaming MB?

Is it possible to but it for $300?

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