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So I recently had to make the change to Spectrum. In doing so I will need to get a new modem and was wondering if any of you have some suggestions. I am getting 100 mbps download speed option and the choices I am thinking about are the Arris SB6141 which can go up to 100 mbps but only has 8 channels or the Arris SB6183 which can go up to 300 mbps and has 16 channels, but according to spectrum is incompatible with ipv6 on their network. So the question is how important is ipv4 vs ipv6 or 8 channels vs 16 channels? Anyone have experience with either of these modems or has another suggestion?

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  1. Polycrastinator

    I've used a 6141 on Comcast. I mean, it was a modem. It worked fine. It gave me IPv6. I don't think I would buy hardware which does not support IPv6 in this day and age. There's no other choice Spectrum supports that can give you the speeds and the IPv6 support?

    • rtodd_us

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      What are the benefits of IPv6? I was reading that there is no meaningful difference between IPv4 and IPv6 in latency. I ask because I honestly don't know. Is 16 channels a more consistant experience than an 8 channel modem? Thanks for responding.