I don’t understand the anti apple App Store movement

I certainly understand why develops do not like the 30% fee and would want it changed. However, I don’t understand the idea that Apple should be legally forced to change. First, I love app stores because they can be a source of virus and malware free programs. I am in charge of a bunch of windows PCs at work, and you wouldn’t believe the crap they get on them. The macs we have are locked down and can only get things from the App Store.

If Apple cannot set prices for being on its App Store, can Nitendo on the switch or Microsoft on the Xbox. Apple has a monopoly on iOS (which I’m not sure is a real monopoly. Given lots of other computing platforms – but even given that) but by that logic Nitendo is monopoly on switch and Microsoft on Xbox. If they cannot set the price, who does? Do the devlopers?, courts? Tell Apple, Nitendo, Microsoft what they can charge to put and sell programs/games on their platforms.the developers will say basically nothing. And courts will be a big mess. I see this ruining all on line app stores. This is a problem because hardware makers like Apple, Nitendo, and Microsoft make back some of the price of development and manufacturing by the profits they make on the App Store. We might get cheaper software (or the same price and just richer developers) but we will certainly get more expensive hardware. And what about AppStore’s like Steam or Epic. Do they have a right to set the price for using their app stores? If not who should say what they can charge? They don’t have a hardware sales to support them like apple does if fees are very low.

I am also struggling with the complaints about apple’s App Store moderation. The whole advantage of an App Store is that it is moderated. It seems to me that Apple is a business, they can choose what they are going to publish on the App Store – the way I cannot make Newsweek publish my article why app stores are great or picture of me nude. Newsweek choose not to put naked pictures in its magazine. Apple choose not to have pornographic apps in the App Store. As a business apple and Newsweek have the right to decide what to publish or not publish. Do I have a right to put my software in Tesla’s cars? Like some argue that Twitter has a right to be on Apple’s iPhones?

I am so grateful for App stores. From iOS, to PlayStation, to switch, to steam they allow me and my family to download high quality programs without risk of viruses. And that is the final point which I really care about. These stores should and often do provide moderation which keeps the programs virus free. 1) that takes some money so the price cannot be zero and 2) they have to have a day in what is published and what is not or viruses not. Now I made an argument for moderation for contact above. But more important for me is that they check for viruses.

let’s not let them destroy all app stores. I agree that 30% foe Apple seems very high. And apple keeping some apps out of their store seems appropriate.

*sorry for all the typos. There are now so many comments I don’t feel right changing it. But reading it is cringeworthy. I’m sure all of my old English teachers are groaning and shaking their heads.*


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