The Elitism Of Current Day Tech/Software/Gaming Companies


For a long time, Skyrim players dreamed of a Skyrim MMO game and pleaded with Bethesda to create one. Bethesda listened, and what Bethesda delivered was NOT a MMO Skyrim, but a MMO that had nothing to do with Skyrim.

Ipad users have pleaded with Apple to have a REAL file system. So Apple listened … and what Apple delivered was a FIles app that is NOT a real file system.

A lot of Gaming companies have been putting SJW politics into their games, and their sales have been going down. So, what do they do? … they make new games … with more SJW politics and tell their customers that they are the problem. Battlefield V is already being reported to be 50% in places. And The Witcher TV series has hired writers that brag about being Patriarchy Destroyers, and have “diversified” the cast at the dismay of many long time Witcher fans who see this as forcing identity politics down their throats and watering down the entire culture of the game … i mean, isn’t one of the main points of making a Witcher TV series is to at least cater to Witcher fans to make sure that they are guaraneed viewers … and THEN second, construct the TV series in a way that can also cater to the general public without pissing off the very people that should be guaranteed to watch it?

Ive tested a lot of Music streaming service apps … I find the UI in most to be totally horrible. In Spotify, it is not intuitive getting your music library to only show downloaded music. The offline switch, only makes music in your library that you have NOT downloaded … unplayable. You STILL see the non-downloaded music in your library.It makes no sense. If your offline, it’s unplayable by DEFAULT .. because .. your offline. duh. The secret is to go into filters and filter for downloaded only. I’m still not sure what the offline switch is for, i guess is your online but don’t want to play something that hasnt been downloaded? but really, do people really do that?

And I’ve downloaded generic localized music players too … A LOT … that literally will take my music file folder with music labeled 01,02,03 and RESTRUCTURE the order for no apparent reason and there is no way to sort by file name. And I mean, there are A LOT of top of the list music players that do this. Its unbelievable.

What is going on? Why are so many companies and app developers doing stupid crap? Why are so many insistent on telling us what we want, instead of listening to what we want .. and producing a product we want? Who are making these apps? Who are in charge of these decisions? Do they live is such a technological bubble world that they can’t produce common sense apps that do simple things the way most reasonable intelligent people in the real world would expect to do it?

When did this elitism seep in? Perhaps I’m old fashion, but I always thought businesses were designed to make money, yet I am seeing businesses not only choosing, but in some instances, bragging about making decisions that are financially hurting the company. It’s mind boggling to me. And to be fair, its our fault too, the consumer. I think these tech giants know we are going to end up buying their product anyway. In some instances, its a choice of bad or worse, like in Ios Vs Android, where I either choose Apple telling me how I’m supposed to use their phone or Android letting me do what I want at the cost of stability and privacy.

Perhaps I’m getting older and grumpier, but I think we are in some troubling times. I remember when I used to play around as a kid on my IBM PCjr on Norton and look at the sectors of my floppy disk and change the screen output after it was loaded to say something different on the screen by searching the sectors on the drive for the appropriate machine code output and changing it . It took me forever to figure it out, and I was so happy when i did. Today, there are people that will argue with me that they have TOTAL CONTROL over their files in Itunes … because … they can click on them and play them. Its like something is missing … the curiosity is gone … the adventure is gone … having to reinstall your operating system for the 34th time because you were playing around with crap trying to so something … is gone.

We are heading for a time when these same corporations and app developers will have TOTAL CONTROL, and they are already half way there. You won’t own your games, you wont own your music, you won’t own you movie/TV collection, you might not even own a car at that point… and the concept of OWNERSHIP will be lost to corporations that ALREADY are producing products that are half baked, arbitrarily restricted, and walled gardens to control you … and all the farts like me who remember what is what like to have control over … you know .. the crap you BOUGHT …. will be dead and gone … and this control will be the new normal and nobody will bat an eye. And of course, I could go on about how the psychological implications of a society that doesnt own crap will be more prone to Socialism and even Communism … but I’ll save that for the Thurott political website.

rant over.

now get off my lawn 🙂

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