Express VPN and Windows 10 Store\Windows Updates


So, I’ve just subscribed to Express VPN and am busy installing to all my devices (its a shame my rubbish ISP router doesn’t support it). I’ve noticed that with Express VPN turned on, Windows Updates don’t download, nor do the Windows Store Apps download. Any ideas? I’m sure it’ll be a setting/option in E-VPN somewhere.

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  1. skane2600

    Just to clarify: are you saying that attempting to download a store app fails or are you saying that unsolicited store app updates don't occur?

    • StevenLayton

      In reply to skane2600: Sorry, to confirm with Express VPN turned on the Store app updates don't download at all, but as soon as I boot Windows with E-VPN off, they downlaod without issue. Same goes for Windows Updates.

  2. StevenLayton

    Okay, after some more testing, it only seems to be an issue if I use "UK - London". If I use "UK - Docklands" everything downloads fine. What is odd as well, is that when connected to any of the UK servers, if I browse to "" it redirects me to the international site.

    • wright_is

      In reply to StevenLayton:

      They probably register that you are coming in through a VPN and redirect you to the international site.

      As to London and Docklands, it could be that the London node is well known or that it is configured to block updates to save bandwidth and Docklands isn't (although I would expect them all to be configured the same, and generally to block updates to save bandwidth).

    • BigM72

      In reply to StevenLayton:

      The BBC issue could be that you are leaking your location somehow. (i.e. the BBC website is getting some information outside of IP address to tell it where you are based).

      I use NordVPN now rather than ExpressVPN, it doesn't perform as well but is cheaper. I often find I need to reboot and make sure I connect to the VPN server before doing anything else in order to make sure I get the location I want. That's if I use Nord's VPN app for Windows. The Chrome extension seems a bit more reliable in that sense for the browser.

  3. terry jones

    Only problem I have with expressvpn is the cat & mouse game they have to play with Netflix. One day a server will work, the next day Netflix will have slammed the door shut on that server and you have to search for another one.

    Other than that, expressvpn is flawless. Never had an issue with WU or anything else.

    Have you tried the live chat feature on their website? Might save you some aggravation.

  4. Lauren Glenn

    Fiddler. Download it.

    This happened to me a long time ago with, I think was either 1709 or 1809 or maybe 1803. When I'd use old my VPN, internet access to modern apps would just stop. If you use Fiddler, hit WinConfig button on the app, (hit NO when the warning dialog pops up, EXEMPT ALL, and then SAVE CHANGES. You'll see that your internet connection will then go through this app as a proxy server. It's a web debug tool.