Insane list of best note taking apps published by the verge


Has anybody seen this article posted on the verge ranking the best current note taking apps? Google keep comes out top followed by a series of no name ipad apps with two Microsoft offerings coming in around the bottom of the list.

Interestingly microsoft word comes in above onenote.

Reasons for onenote being marked down include:

Need to have a Microsoft account

Slow start up time

Google keep surpringly wasnt penalised for requiring a Google account. Evernote doesn’t even solar on the list.

Ridiculous how biased the tech media is towards google. I get its just their opinion but that doesn’t change the fact that onenote is a great product. Microsoft really cant win at all when they produce in this case a superior product – and it is better than google keep- but still cannot get any credit.

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13 responses to “Insane list of best note taking apps published by the verge”

  1. Bdsrev

    it's The Verge... are you honestly surprised?

  2. Polycrastinator

    The simple answer is they use Google products. It's an individual's list. I'm generally a fan of a lot of what The Verge does, but I agree this one was way, way off the mark.

  3. FalseAgent

    I guess they're looking for an app for taking down really short notes. OneNote is a full-fledged notebook app.

  4. harmjr

    Google Keep is still a thing?

  5. anchovylover

    I don't care who they recommend. They will have to pry OneNote from my cold dead hands.

  6. mr_mingus

    With every visit to a vox site, my blood pressure climbs north

  7. Brad Sams

    I can 'sorta' understand how some would see OneNote as being overly complex/nested for note taking...but to say that Word is better than OneNote, that's ridiculous.

    • adamcorbally

      In reply to brad-sams:

      Overly complicated how? You can use the quick notes section of all you want to do is make a list, or use a to do app. As a learning and project management tool onenote is excellent.

  8. BigM72

    It was a fairly ridiculous list...they had iA writer as the number two app for note-taking, something it's not designed to do at all.

    They also completely ignored any desire for pen-based note taking.

    Either clickbait or just a very "hip" staff writer not in touch with the real world (outside of Silicon Valley)

  9. simont

    Google Keep as a sticky note app is fairly good as it syncs across devices well. Google Keeps as note taking app is terrible.

    It looks like they wrong this article on sticky notes. And as other people noted. Some of the other programs aren't even real note taking notes

  10. Xatom

    If it requires an account, it is DOA.

  11. tahj

    I think this list is ridiculous. Word is better than OneNote! it has no sense.


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