What mobile phone should die next?


My current phone Essential PH-1

My last phone was a Nokia 830.

So what should I buy next?

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  1. StevenLayton

    Can you tell me your lottery numbers? I’ll then make sure that none of mine match yours, lol.

  2. sohan giri

    Micromax will be died. But new upcoming mobile Realme 6 Pro is a killer smartphone.

  3. rob_segal

    There's Sony. Still selling Xperia phones, for now.

  4. muminahtannous

    I think you should try iPhone 12 but it is not available at this time, maybe it comes in the market after 3 or 6 months. If you didn't try any iPhone then you should definitely use it at least once time.

    I recently won a lucky draw on the iPhone XS Max, arranged by a travel agency. So, I highly recommend it for you, try it out.

  5. johnh3

    I think HTC will be next. LG got problem of course but I suppose their TV division, washing machines etc..will support the mobile segment for them. So they can keep going for that reason. Same with Sony mobile.

    HTC has not much other than mobile and some tiny VR stuff.

  6. Truffles

    In reply to ghostrider:

    I've still got my Commodore PET under the house. Still have the cassette storage and 5 1/4 dual floppy drives, and a box of cassette and disk programs. Really tempted to spend a rainy weekend running the multimeter over it before trying to turn it on.

    I have no idea what became of my C64, Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000. I think the A2000 might be stored away somewhere too.

    The 68000 CPU was the last microprocessor I felt I understood and Motorola had the best mnemonics. I was always a 6'er, never liked Intel's mnemonics. Sadly I was on the wrong side of history there.

  7. wright_is

    An iPhone? :-P

    I hear Pixels are good... And the new Galaxy S20 as well.

    I used to be like that. Bought a VIC=20, it was replaced a week later by the C64. Bought a Memotech MTX500 and the company went bust a few months later. I bought an Amiga, well, we know what happened to Commodore after that.

    My smartphones as well, htc, Nokia and now a Huawei, they are pretty much dead in the water outside China at the moment. :-(

  8. crp0908

    I agree with Paul - Anything LG or HTC.

    Stay away from my Motorola! I love the ability to shake the phone to turn on the flashlight. It's the best Motorola phone feature that no one talks about.

  9. karlinhigh

    Hopefully you're not one of THESE people!

    "Harbinger households": neighborhoods that consistently buy products that get discontinued, buy real-estate that underperforms, and donate to losing political candidates


  10. Paul Thurrott

    Anything LG or HTC. I bet one of them will be next to go.

  11. earlster

    Microsoft Duo

    (Ducks and runs)

  12. Markfurry

    The winner was Apple. iPhone 11 to be precise. Trying to get used to a different keyboard.