Who else here has been "Microsoft-ifying" their phones?


Hello all. So if you may have seen my recent forum post about this, I recently purchased my first smart phone, an entry-level LG running Android. And although I have nothing against Android per se, my curiosity eventually got to the point where I decided to start piling it up with the Microsoft apps, such as the launcher, Cortana, Bing, OneNote, etc. (haven’t installed their virtual keyboard yet). I was just wondering to what extent everyone here has been doing this to their phones as well, whether Android or iOS, and how you feel about doing that, whether you prefer the look and feel of the Microsoft apps versus the stock Android or iOS experience, etc.

I’m trying to figure out my motive for doing this, and I suppose it’s a combination of the Microsoft fanboy inside of me plus the idea that I’m helping them sustain “some kind of” presence in mobile, even if it’s just a software presence.

But I have to admit, I really think Microsoft’s mobile apps are very nice.

It doesn’t turn a phone into a Windows Phone, of course, but then that brings up that whole other can of worms that has already been discussed here. And it makes you wonder, would a phone that Microsoft sells that ran Android yet was completely replaced with a Microsoft skin actually be considered a Microsoft phone?

One can only ponder.

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