Windows Phone guy goes ‘Rogue’ (Android) UPDATE 2


Hi Readers


For those that are interested I thought I would give another update about going from and only ever using a WP smart phone to something else, for me Android, with a OnePlus 3t. Its been around 3 weeks now as my daily phone.

You can either laugh at this first part or say WTF you idiot. Now the very first day of use I thought WHAT IS WRONG with this phone, I can’t answer a call. Now never having used anything else apart from a WP no one told me to slide the phone button to answer a call not just touch it ??.

Now to the serious stuff.

Firstly the phone. I have to say its awesome. Its fast very fast, well compared to what I’ve had before my 950. The only thing hardware wise that I wouldn’t say isn’t as good, being picky is the screen. But then for the cost of the phone I think too have a top processor, good memory and storage its worth the trade off. And the phone construction and build feel and look premium.

Battery life WOW. I can be a heavy user sometimes. In the past I would always charge my phone in the day for worrying it would die. Not now. And if it does need charging quick, super quick.

Now about using the phone. Do I miss my Windows Phone. Yes I do, well elements of the phone OS. There are parts of the WP OS that are better, I could micro manage certain tasks, pinning certain settings.  Now some of this, the bits I miss will be because I am still learning how to use an Android based phone. Yes every OS will have parts better then the other. But this is about looking at the whole package, not 1 or 2 elements of an OS.

Would I go back to my Windows Phone as my daily driver though. For a fan of WP, someone who converted many to it ‘NO’ I wouldn’t. I would love too yes. But now for me it does come down to that one thing that WP is missing. APPS. Real good apps made for mobile. And the lack of a real premium device. WP had some great phones but looking back they lost there way.

I think it was on one of my other posts someone commented that they could and do use the web for the missing apps, sorry but that does not compare to a purpose built great mobile app. As an example I will use the Amazon app. Using this is no comparison.

I know there will still be Windows Phone fans that will not agree with what I say, exactly how I used to be. But from A Windows Phone fan to all others. Is it as bad as all that NO. Yes it takes time but now I have made that jump, as I said before I should have done this earlier. Well from my last WP my 950.

I still have so much to learn about using this new OS which is actually now an exciting thought not that daunting OH NO the evil of Google, Android thought.

I probably wont do another update. There isn’t really must else to say. All I hope is that my thoughts of going from WP to Android from an ordinary regular guy helps, helps those that were just like I used to be. Its really not as bad as you think and you actually may enjoy something new to play with.


Thanks for reading.


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