Blocked by Paul on Twitter


Well, I responded to a tweet by Paul a few days ago about Windows Mobile 10, basically saying I brought a Windows Phone last year and think the OS is much better than people give it credit for. I was then told by Paul to “unsubscribe”, followed by another tweet saying “What part of unsubscribe wasn’t clear?”.

I’m now blocked from following @thurrott.

I’d post the tweets but being blocked means I can’t. I tweeted Paul an apology but i’m still blocked and there’s no indication of what I did wrong.

Didn’t realise buying a Windows Phone was that awful.

Is Paul having a mid-life crisis or does anyone think this is a little unfair? Aside from this post, I’m now boycotting Windows Weekly and as I too can have a mid-life crisis and be unfair 🙂

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  1. Shane

    As an individual Paul has any right to decide his own choices.

    Your obviously butt hurt to say your boycotting is site yet posting here.

    You need some attention or sympathy.

    I see no other reason for posting.

    • StephenCWLL

      In reply to Shane:

      All I want is an explanation from Paul. I thought this was as good as any way to get a reply.

      • jimchamplin

        In reply to StephenCWLL:

        He doesn't owe you one, sir. He asked you to remove him from the thread, and apparently you didn't.

        Im sure the man gets hundreds of tweets an hour, and he's looking for ones of value to his work. Having someone's personal thread clogging his timeline isn't very conducive to his work.

        Good luck out there. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  2. mmcewan

    Don't worry about it. You don't need someone else's approval to like what you like, that's part of maturity. Fortunately, not all of us have to live our (technological) lives in a state of constant flux, which presents so much choice as to make us second guess any choice that we do make. I'm getting what I need in the Microsoft ecosystem and I see no compelling reason to leave.

    If you start monkeying around with android and apple, then you simply will increase the tendency to migrate elsewhere and I would argue, you will waste a lot of time trying to link two or three different ecosystems together. Bah, humbug! The not so subtle effects of modern advertising is to create a state of dissatisfaction in the customer, not contentment. Contentment comes from you knowing what you want and settling for that, and then shutting off the lust for new gadgets that most can ill afford anyways.

    If Windows mobile doesn't do it for you, well fine, you need to switch, not sit and suffer. I'm not suffering and no amount of recruiting is going to force me to switch: I'll know when I come across the news of this 'indispensable app' that is going to rule my days. I'm not hearing of anything.

    • navarac

      In reply to mmcewan:

      What finally made me leave WinMobile was that from IP Build 15031, my bank app considered the phone Jailbroken and won't support it. That was the final straw etc..... Sorry Microsoft

  3. StephenCWLL

    Emailed Paul, apologized and we've made up. I'm now no longer blocked ??

    Thanks to everyone who was positive as helpful in this thread ?

  4. Chris_Kez

    When someone says "unsubscribe" that means "I no longer wish to receive these messages" (i.e. please stop bothering me with this). Honestly how many Tweets did you send after he asked you to stop Tweeting him about it? If I got the kind of non-stop barrage of Tweets that Paul does I would be quick with the Block button too. No time for people who can't respect your simple request to remove you from a tweet thread.

  5. andrewhodge

    So let me get this straight. You posted, on HIS website, on HIS forum, with HIS thousands of members, who follow and respect him for HIS point of view and opinions, trying to get some sort of backing from HIS followers to agree with the fact that, you, took one of his tweets, out of context, flipped it around, made a point that was totally off topic, went public with it, and he got tired of it, and irritated, and asked you to "unsubscribe"?

    Am I following you correctly?

    I mean, IF your point was to simply ask him a simple question of "why", then, don't you think a simple "contact paul" email, in private, would have been more effective?

    I mean, your kind of beating a rather tough bush, in the wrong place, if your thinking your gonna get too many of his members, whether basic members, or premium alpha members, or just guests of this site, to rally against him and be on your side.

    Maybe a google search, or, sorry, a Bing search, on your dead-end Windows Phone (which is great by the way, but, still a dead-end, as Paul accurately mentions) for "who disagrees with Paul Thurrott's opinion" will provide some more practical forums that you can post things like this to.

    Unless however, you ARE simply trying to ask "why", then, forget the search, send Paul an email, and if you haven't pissed him off by the tweets, and this forum post, maybe he will provide an answer.  But, after all this man, sorry, I just don't see it happening.

  6. Shane

    I'm sorry Paul DOES NOT TAKE OFFENSE. What he does give is a real world point of view. A view from a very respect tech writer.

    I know he doesn't need me to justify what he does and doesn't do. But it is his honest writing and point of view that made me change from a windows phone. Until recently that's all id ever used. And as I have posted about my experience in changing to a different platform. Its Pauls honesty in opinion and writing that made me try something else.

    Yes I really miss the WP UI and some suttle other things. But would I go back NO WAY.

    My phone I now have is so much better than my 950, a premium phone at last and YES the apps I now have.

    I have a phone with all the Microsoft apps I need. A phone set up but a Microsoft launcher. But apps that , well are what most people need. But until you try you will never no.

    If you listen to other sites and read what they write. I'm sorry but I feel they are locked into a world whatever it may be. Paul is not afraid to have an opinion. STOP BASHING HIM FOR IT.

    You don't like what he says go else ware for very blickered advice and opinions.

    • StephenCWLL

      In reply to Shane:

      It was Paul's view on w10m that made me try it ? ironic huh?

      I do disagree with Paul sometimes. That's life. I'm not going to go somewhere else just because i disagree on something. That's daft.

  7. Jules Wombat

    Paul seems to take some offence at anyone suggesting their preference for Windows Phone/Mobile OS over iOS and Android, and that somehow we are being foolish or unaware on our personal choice. Even on the cheapest Windows Phones, the Home screen is a delight compared to the tired and dreary looking iOS and the typical choice of  rather jumbled Android home screens. (Albeit we are all aware of the Apps gaps, and uncertainty in the platform)

    Each to his own.   Would I recommend a Windows Phone to anyone else. Nope. I never directly recommend any phone platform to others. I just point out the obvious and objective choices and ecosystem that the user has already invested in, and always leave it up to them to choose. (Windows Phone UI remains uniquely modern, but poor on Apps)  But taking insults or suggestions on phone OS from anyone else is a rude annoyance.

    But being blocked on Twitter seems a bit extreme, did  you use inappropriate or insulting language ?