I am not a robot


Getting to the site is becoming a pain in the ass

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  1. dwcrider

    Yep, I was going to post something similar. Between constantly having to re-login to now this whole captcha nonsense I am not so sure I would consider renewing sub.

  2. jwpear

    Relieved to know I'm not the only one hitting this. I get the Cloudflare thing more often than the captcha challenge. I'm hopeful this poor subscriber experience will improve soon.

  3. arjay

    Still a bad experience today.

  4. jimchamplin

    Are you not a robot? Seriously?

    I'm going to need to test this hypothesis. Please look at this light and I'm going to ask you a few questions...

    ... Or you could do a Captcha.

  5. WarWizard

    I'm sure it will be fixed when the website is rebuilt (which I believe is being actively worked on at the moment).

  6. fabian

    Actually I'm a robot and I don't have captcha issues.

  7. jgraebner

    I suspect this has broken Feedly, as their feed for Thurrott.com hasn't been updated for a couple days now.

  8. navarac

    Surprise, surprise. I had to click on buses 3 times this visit! This needs sorting pronto before I abandon ship for a few weeks. I really cannot be doing with it; far worse that all the cookie acceptance crap courtesy of the frigging EU. Although some of that is getting larger on the page of some sites as well.

  9. lvthunder

    Watch yesterday's AMA to learn the timeline and purpose of this. It's all going away when they start the site revamp, but unless you want the site to implode on itself daily it has to be that way until it gets fixed.

  10. lwetzel

    I believe the Live AMA covered this. The site is in rebuild mode and will be till at least August.

    • navarac

      What I cannot understand, is why after all these years does this start happening now? Someone must have flipped a switch somewhere - it doesn't happen by itself. Watching the AMA, it'll be worth waiting for in the end (I hope). Getting really frustrating at the moment though.

      • lwetzel

        In the process of fixing things or improving things you have to sometimes take things offline or move them or remove the older versions. Unless you are replacing the hardware. Then of course you can bring up the new and on the given day throw the switch to the new hardware.

  11. Japser

    This is unbelievably annoying. I check the Thurrott website many times a day on my phone. The Cloudflare checks were making this more annoying, but a captcha is truly over the top...

  12. kennethf

    This is getting ridiculous. Understand the need to do some protection against DDOS and similar, but jumping through all these hoops just to get to the site is making me go to other sites instead.

  13. alexoughton

    Yeah I'm getting pretty tired of clicking on boats to get here. The RSS feed being broken by CloudFlare is also a real problem for me.

  14. LT1 Z51

    Cloudflare to me in general is as bad or worse than Google. It's not my problem sites are being DDOSed or whatever by bots. This level and type of security isn't acceptable. In general I hate (and use that word purposefully) Captcha checks (and I feel they should be made illegal).

    • GarethB

      I completely agree with the frustration around this.

      But don't blame Cloudflare itself - this is solely due to someone managing the site configuring Cloudflare to present a Captcha (or their other more intrusive settings) - are only meant for sites under DDoS attack. (Cloudflare strongly recommends against Captcha due to their intrusive nature). As to the technical reasons why this has been done, I'm not sure they've been clearly elucidated (and perhaps shouldn't be), other than "issues with the current site".

  15. emeyerriecks

    I just had to click 10 images of boats to prove I'm not a robot to get to this site... that I pay for. I love this site and have so for years--since SuperSite for Windows days--but damn, if I have to do this garbage every time I just want to visit the site I don't know how long I have the patience for it.

    • jacob.brigance

      Agreed. Since 2007 I have enjoyed Paul's take on technology and Microsoft and having to click a dozen images of boats each time I visit the page today, or having the CloudFlare check in the recent past - it's getting a bit annoying. Not enough to keep me from seeing what's new of course - but it's a stone in my shoe at the moment.

  16. SherlockHolmes

    LOL. At least the last time I looked I wasnt :-P

    • hrlngrv

      If you were programmed not to recognize your actual state, could you be certain?

  17. oasis

    It always gets darker before the Dawn.....

  18. mattbg

    Agree, very annoying.

    Let's hope this new site overhaul comes with full text RSS feeds for Premium members!

  19. Mary Alice

    I agree, on some sites you have to enter several times.