Surface event is tomorrow :)


Sorry for the confusion: I had posted about the Surface event being today, but it’s tomorrow. LOL. Brad and I even recorded a podcast, which we’re now re-recording.

Ah, brain cells. See you tomorrow. 🙂

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8 responses to “Surface event is tomorrow :)”

  1. mcerdas

    Do not worry Mr. Thurrot. As they used to say: errare humanum est.

  2. navarac

    I only knew it was wrong as it was slated to be before Windows Weekly, LOL

  3. simont

    It is all Brad's fault for leaving!

  4. peterc

    Ahhh... so you were a little "over-pumped" too I see. ;-)

  5. wolters

    No worries Paul...happens to us all...though I did have to do a double-take...

  6. crunchyfrog

    It's not you, Microsoft has us all confused a bit these days.

  7. helix2301

    It just goes to show you without Brad Paul is just falling apart ;) jk