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UPDATE: Our flight was canceled late last night. Long story short, we’re here through Saturday now and will try to use this extra time to get some bigger deliverable items that we didn’t have time for before (fridge, washer, etc.). From a schedule perspective, nothing in the bulleted list below will change. But I guess I’ll do Ask Paul on Friday as usual.



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Hi all,

Just a quick heads-up about this week. We’re flying home from Mexico City tomorrow (Tuesday) and I will likely be offline for the day. The rest of the week should be semi-normal:

The one hiccup is Ask Paul. I have to drive to Boston on Friday for a surprise wedding party now, so I won’t be able to do that Friday. But I’ll post to the forums Friday and do it Saturday instead.



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  1. pecosbob04

    I hope the surprisees don't read this.

  2. SherlockHolmes

    Hi Paul,

    first and allmost congrats on your second home in Mexico. I think everybody on here understands when you have private stuff to think off and cant do certain things from time to time. On my part its no really necessary that you always inform us when something doesnt come at the normal time. But its nice that you do :-)

    We all appreciate what you do here.

    Sherlock Holmes

  3. justme

    Oh travel and your shenannigans - how we've missed you! DId the airline tell you why your flight got cancelled?

    On the bright side, things like a fridge and a washer are important - so if you can get those knocked out now, two less things (and the rest) that you need to do on your next trip.

    • Paul Thurrott

      It was weather-related, which is interesting. There is no weather here per se, and nothing in Newark we could find.

      • justme

        Could be wx where the jet was originating from, i.e. if your airplane started somewhere other than EWR to get to MEX and "become" your flight, that might be it.

  4. SherlockHolmes

    You dont have weather in Mexico? So Mexico is in a vacuum? Nice :-P

  5. simard57

    Does your cord cutting choices travel with you to Mexico City? How are you getting your Television line-ups while there?