Windows Weekly Intro


Which Windows Weekly intro does everyone here prefer? The old one, or the new one?

I much prefer the old one, it had sophistication and character to it. The new one is simpler and not as good.

Here is the old intro

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4 responses to “Windows Weekly Intro”

  1. rameshthanikodi

    I miss the old intro too. I think What The Tech has a great intro.

  2. kherm

    I completely agree!

    I miss the modern graphics package they used in just one episode (#318)

    After that, they quickly reverted to the old vista-era graphics package.

  3. Oasis

    When was the last time this was used?

  4. Matthew9559

    I can't believe I already forgot what the previous Windows Weekly intro sounded like hah! I love that the current intro was done by Carl Franklin (obsessed DotNetRocks fan) and get excited whenever he or Richard Campbell make a Windows Weekly appearance. I do like the pep of the new one. /biased