Home Automation: Three Way Switches?


Does anybody know of a good solution for automating lights on a three-way switch? I’d specifically be interested in anything that could tie into Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa, or Samsung SmartThings.

Our outside lights are on a three-way switch (one in our mud room, one next to the garage’s side door) but I’d like something that would turn the lights on at sunset and off at sunrise, or something along those lines.

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  1. Skolvikings

    I guess I should clarify. I was hoping not to have to put seven BR30 Philips Hue bulbs on the outside of my house. I don't even know if they're rated for our cold winters. I was hoping instead for some type of solution at the switch. I've found plenty of good options for two-way switches but haven't found anything that looks good/reliable for three-way switches.

  2. GT Tecolotecreek

    Go to smarthome.com and look at the insteon switches and control equipment. It will do everything you want. If you have a Mac a package called Indigo will make set up and management easy. Insteon has been around for years and is reliable and various gateways exist for accessing other products like Hue.

  3. Xatom

    Just search amazon. Any z wave works pretty much. I bought 3 ways where you only needed to swap out one switch vs GE which requires both 2 be swapped. Can’t recall brand.

  4. kherm

    GE has a 3 way smart switch system that would work

  5. lecter

    Why not just make a bigger hole behind the switch and cram in one 2-way + one 1-way zwave switch?