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I’m in the market for a decent laptop bag that I can use both around town and at work. Looking for something that looks professional but is also appropriate for just casual use in various places. I’m looking to spend no more than $150-$175 on it. I want something that’s going to last for many years. I usually carry the following: A 13″ MacBook Pro, USB-C hub, MacBook power adapter, some pens, bottle of Tylenol (gotta love work). I would like to sometimes be able to fit my 12.9″ iPad Pro and a game controller in there. I feel like that’s a lot of stuff, but I’m sure people carry more than that. I live in the Atlanta area, so it does rain out of nowhere here so good protection from the rain is essential.

Thanks for your ideas!

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  1. j5

    When I used to travel a lot for work I used Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA-Friendly Messenger Bag. My version is like 6 years old. So I couldn't find a link for that exact one. But this bag has soft pockets for your laptop and tablet, LOTS of pockets, secure and durable.

    Pre-pandemic when I went into the office I used this Kenneth Cole leather bag. It doesn't have all the pockets that the Timbuk2 has. But it's light, professional looking and plenty of space for my laptop and charger and paperwork. Just perfect for going to work. But it's leather no so bueno for exposure to rain all the time.

  2. jchampeau

    I really like my TravelPro bag. It's the Platinum Elite-Slim Business Laptop Briefcase, Shadow Black, 16-Inch. It looks very professional and its slim size forces me to not fill it with superfluous crap I don't really need to carry around with me. I carry an XPS 13 2-in-1, iPad, Dell USB-C charger (which I use for both laptop and iPad), phone charger, legal pad, etc.