Best Free CD to ISO Software?


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What is the best current (malware free) CD/DVD to ISO extraction software?

I’m looking to make an ISO for Call of Duty 1 (2003), without having to use the discs.

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  1. dftf

    You could download CDBurnerXP -- as long as it's just a standard disc-layout, it should copy it fine. Click "More download options" on their site, and choose a "without InstallCore" installer file, and the setup won't ask you to install any extras.

    It requires the .NET Framework 3.5, so if you're on Windows 11, 10 or 8 you will need to enable this via "Turn Windows Features On or Off". Or bring up an admin Command Prompt and type:

    DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All 

  2. dftf

    (Don't forget too if you're on Windows 11, 10 or 8 you won't need any software to mount the .ISO image, as that's built-into Windows itself. You will if you're on Windows 7 or older, though...)

  3. Informed - this is for copying, not mounting. Not surprising the website went offline in today's Mobile First environment (not to mention DVD-free laptops).

  4. jordan_meyer

    I prefer img burn but I think the more recent installers have adware bundled so you have to carefully step through all choices

  5. red.radar

    If you find yourself having to install tools that are out of publication/maintenance, and you don't like that your installing from a unknown distributor (Malware risk). There is linux.

    You can mount the cd drive and do a DD dump.

    Little more work if you don't have a VM or Linux machine floating around, but your using Open Source tools with zero risk of malware being injected by the download host.

  6. karlinhigh

    My favorite on Windows is the command-line program cd2iso

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