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Humble Bundle have a great collection of Star Dock software on sale right now, including Groupy, Fences, Start10, etc.

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    Ha. I was just about to post about this. The entire batch of software can be had for $15 and a portion goes to the charities of Girls Inc, and Girls Who Code. Of course you can always choose a different charity.

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    But why? Completely unnecessary with Windows 10.

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      In reply to James_B:

      Yes. I looked down the list, there wasn't anything that I'd call useful or essential in the list.

      It is a nice bundle if you like adding furry dice to your PC.

      A couple of visual effects nabbed from 2003 era Linux that still haven't made it to Windows, but long since out of fashion again on Linux.

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      Paul Thurrott

      Everyone has different wants/needs.
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      In reply to James_B:

      Some people REALLY want more old-school Start menus. Some people want tabbed applications. Some people may even want what Fences provides. Also, FWIW, I have 2 family members who rely on ObjectDock to ween themselves from their Mac addictions.

      Finally, Window Blinds serves the same purpose in Windows 10 that it has for decades: there's no bundled theme creation tool in Windows. Useful? No. Neither are custom automobile paint jobs, yet there are people who pay for them.

      There will always be die-hard tinkerers, and StarDock is their friend. It's not for everyone, but for the few it serves it's darned good they exist.

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    Wait, StarDock is still alive? Is that still a thing?

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    I still use StarDock Fences. Keeps my Desktop clean and it just works.

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    I use Groupy and Fences. Fences works fine, but beware of Groupy: it is very buggy.

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