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I recently upgraded one of my machines by adding a second M2 drive. The original drive was a bit older and a slower spec so I got a newer faster drive and moved the original to the second M2 slot. I used third party software to clone the original to the new drive. I’ve used this software for years, no issues.

Yesterday a cumulative update to Windows 11 22H2 hit. It bricked the machine with the error that “something didn’t go as planned”. When this occurred it got stuck rolling the updates back. Upon power cycling, the machine was stuck in this mode, it couldn’t recover. Luckily I had just done an image backup of the box the day before so I restored. I started to go through ALL the methods suggested on various searches to figure out what the heck happened. Each time I had to resort to doing an image restore to recover so I could try again. Also whatever was going on caused a massive processor spike that caused the fan to go ballistic and heat generation to rise dramatically.

It took me approx 3 HOURS to discover the magic detail change that would fix it. 3 HOURS. This shouldn’t be, especially an update that you basically can’t escape. I do NOT need to be wasting 3 hours trying to get my PC back online after a single update. The fix by the way was resetting the boot partition ID, I kid you not.

I am SICK of this. I agree with Paul, I just want the basic simple stuff to WORK. Good grief. Just frustrated and tired 🙂

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