Stadia Email from Google


Google just sent out emails to Stadia buyers giving tips on how to get the best Stadia experience. My favorite part:

For the best performance, don’t stream movies or music to other devices in other parts of the house while playing games on Stadia. It can slow things down.

Oh, sure. Just ask everyone else in the house to not use the internet while you play your games.

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4 responses to “Stadia Email from Google”

  1. Brad Sams

    got this as well, makes sense but why not have it part of the OOBE instead

  2. Vladimir Carli

    I got this too. But still no news about shipping, activation code etc. Nov 19 is today...

  3. Vladimir Carli

    got the code now. First impression is ok. I immediately bought RDR2 and it runs in an instant in chrome. I can't get it to run in 4k for now

  4. Bats

    Google Stadia so far been flawless. Absolutely F'n FLAWLESS. I am operating on a 70/90 mbps download/upload speed via Wifi and playing on my 27" HP Envy AiO computer. I set everything up on my phone. Then my phone triggered my Windows 10 PC to launch Stadia. I picked Destiny 2 as my 1st game and went thru all the battle scenes. For those who never played the game, you go thru a few solo battles against ads, then a big boss with ads towards the end. I simply had no issues with latency whatsoever. Absolutely NONE. If this is the way Stadia is gonna be.......uh oh......for some companies trying to venture into cloud gaming. SO far, so great.