I took the plunge and bought my first Chromebook


I bought a Chromebook yesterday as a Amazon Prime Day special. A somewhat dangerous buy for a developer, but driven by a minimal budget.

I’m an experienced developer but not experienced in JavaScript so I hope to get up to speed using this device. I’m looking at Caret for editing and 200 OK! as a local web server.

Any advice on how best to achieve this goal would be appreciated, but I’d rather not make any substantial changes to the OS.

UPDATE: My Chromebook arrived today. Alas, the backlight doesn’t appear to work. Tried adjusting brightness and resetting but no effect. If I shine a light on the screen, I can see the Welcome message, but totally invisible without it. I bought it direct from Amazon, so I hope the return is easy. Not sure if I want to take a chance on another device of the same model. I’ve never had this kind of problem with a brand new computer.

UPDATE2: I decided to exchange it for the same model. If the next one doesn’t work, I’ll ask for a refund instead.

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